As a professional photographer with twenty years of experience, it’s my goal to take good care of you and help you to enjoy your photography session. I’m all about that special combination of quality, intimacy and pure joy. The questions below have been compiled over the years from a variety of clients, and I hope they help you to feel at ease with this process.  A clear understanding of what you can expect helps us to achieve success together and the more questions I can answer for you in advance, the more comfortable you’ll be when we start making your photos.


On average, I book anywhere from 3 months to two years out. One bride called me an hour before the wedding and I was able to be her photographer.



Kind Words From Wonderful Clients

“Beautiful and awesome are an understatement.

Classic and amazing. What a talent.”

-Shirley Urango



Frequently Asked Questions


How do we set ourselves up to create the best possible images?

I’m so happy you asked… I feel strongly that your investment in me is a sign that you want and expect, something unique, and meaningful. We’ll start by doing a little brainstorming together. You should know that creating something outstanding is of utmost importance to me, as well. Making that happen requires both of us to put in a personal investment. The best images are a result of a good collaboration. It really is a team effort. You bring the love and emotion and your own unique style, and I’ll bring the cameras and the vision. When it comes to photo shoots in Glacier National Park, or anywhere outside for that matter, weather and lighting have a significant impact on our results. We’ll need to take this into account when scheduling.


Can we ask you questions?

Yes. Absolutely! Consultations are always free. Site visits can be added, and if it’s nearby, I’ll even do those for free.


What should we wear to our photo shoot?

Pick that outfit that you like best! The one that you feel your most beautiful in. That is what you should wear to a photo shoot. If you want to take a few snaps on your photo and text them to me for a yah or nay vote, feel free! Or wear what you love and trust me to make the most of what you give me. After all, the clothes don’t make the man (or woman).”


When and where should we get our photos taken?

Photography is recorded light, so lighting is KEY!
Want to win my love and admiration, be brave enough to book a sunrise photoshoot.
As for what to wear, the possibilities are endless. Let’s chat about your options.


How much does it cost?

Photography rates start at $500 for a one hour photo shoot and go up to $4000+ If you are interested send an email and I’ll send you my price list.


How many photos will you get?

20-30 per hour for family photo shoots for corporate work. Weddings run from 100-700 depending on how many hours you select. Elopements come with 100 photographs. 6 hour weddings generate around 300 images. A 10 hour wedding is usually in the 700+ range.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. When I am hired for a photo shoot I do not require clients to purchased prints or products from me. You will have the fully edited high-resolution images to print, use on web-pages and/or social media AS YOU SEE FIT. And you will not have to pay $1500+ per digital file to get them.


If we prefer, can we purchase our photos through you?

Sure. I charge $50 per hour for admin type work. You can even have me design a wedding album for you. I have some great options for printing those that we can discuss. My design rates are $125 per hour. However!!! My main goal in giving clients the high-resolution files is so that they are empowered to make these things for themselves. I love sending clients to for prints (never to Costco please or Walmart please! – I have had bad experiences with both), and I really like the premium lay-flat books at


How do you deliver the photos?

Once paid for, images are delivered via PASS website. The site will remain active 10 years beyond the date of your photo shoot. If prints are ordered, I will also make a thumb drive of images for you to keep.


Do you blog every photoshoot or wedding?

No. And I respect my clients’ privacy, so, if asked not to post photos in blogs or social media, that request is always honored. Images created for clients are never sold to stock agencies.


What do we get in our online gallery?

Fully processed, edited, and downloadable printable high resolution jpegs.


What gear do you use?

NIKON! I have two D750s that I love for their speed and color on wedding days. I also have a D850 that I will pick for art work, corporate work, and sometimes for photos of humans.


Are other people allowed to take photos at our photo shoot?

For family photos and corporate work, the answer is no. It’s too distracting. For weddings, mostly yes. Not during the one-on-one bride and groom portraits and preferably not during the group photos. Other people become a distraction that can really restrict the energy of the photographs in the one-on-ones and with groups it’s nearly impossible to keep everyone looking at my camera. So, it’s better if I’m the only photographer doing that. That said, I have become a fan of “unplugged” weddings. I have had well-meaning family members ruin really beautiful images with their devices — like a little flower girl, age 12ish, who decided to photograph the bride walking down the aisle with her iPad. I could NOT get her out of my shots. Or an uncle who walked backward in front of a bride and groom as they made their exit. He unintentionally ruined every shot of them happily walking down the aisle together.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, check this out:
As always, it’s your day. You pick what is right for you!

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