Yesterday I after writing an email to a friend of mine I happened to look up and out my window. Off in the distance some small bit of movement caught my attention. Three deer were hiding up in those trees, nibbling on the pine needles and maneuvering through the deep snows. I was so spellbound by their antics that I didn’t notice the larger deer right under my window until she boldly stepped out into the backyard.
This began an hour of back and forth as they inched closer and I stood at the windows waiting and watching for their return. These White-tailed deer are certainly plentiful around here. I seem to have moved right into several hunters favorite turf. When I got here in mid-November it seemed for the first few weeks I couldn’t drive down the road to my house without running into either passing deer or the hunters looking for them.

As a newspaper photographer I must say, it’s particularly pleasant when feature art just walks right up to your house like that. My work is done, all I had to do is snap on my largest lens and stay nice and warm for the show. While photographing my visitors I couldn’t help but think of an incident in Maryland a few years back. One of my fellow photographers at the Gazette took a picture of two horses out in the snow. It ran as cover art for the Christmas special. Nice photo. He got quite a few compliments as I recall. He also got one rather unique “request.” Seeing the photo a woman called up to the paper to say how much she enjoyed the image, but… next time, what she would really prefer is a photo of deer. She wanted him to go out and look for two deer in the snow. Now in Montana the deer walk right up to your house, in suburban Maryland, not so much. We sat there in the office listening to the message play over the speaker phone literally dumbfounded. And my poor friend, well, you can imagine he ended up having to endure quite a bit of good-natured ribbing over that message.

What do you think? Should I make this next year’s Christmas card photo? My former editor has promised that should they get that call again, he will upload one of my pix to their website as a “special to the Gazette” image. ┬á­čÖé