As a professional photographer my days are filled with documenting life. Other people’s lives. In terms of my own life, I document where I go, but little else of my own story.

Shouldn’t there be more? I have a cousin who diligently photographs each place that she lives in. I don’t mean cityscapes either. Kimberly gets moved around frequently, just part of being in the Army, and with each move, she picks her place, decorates and then documents where she lives. She keeps this record of places she has lived and some day, when she is at finished with this chapter in her life she will be able to look back because she has a photo-documentation of all the places her life took her to.

I wish I had done that. I have lived all over the US. And I have traveled extensively. Not as much as I would like, but I’m still working on it. For most of those travels I have been a trained shooter. Why did I not document my own personal surroundings?

I’m trying to change that with this new job – with my new home here in Montana. And life in Whitefish gave me the perfect place to start. I am renting a room in a log cabin. I live in this lovely little home nestled at base of the Whitefish Mountain Range. Why not photograph it? I can’t think of a compelling reason not to, so I have been photographing my own home. I don’t have a specific use in mind for these pictures, this is just where I live. And it’s been nice to email these to friends and family who want to know just where I am.

So, these pictures – this is home. For now. 🙂 At twilight my first week here. At sunset on Christmas Eve with the mountains glowing in the background and horses munching in the front yard. And most recently as the snow came down so thick and wet that we ended up with more than a foot of snow. This place is my home.

I’m really enjoying life in Montana.