It’s 26 degrees outside right now. We are expected to remain in the low 30’s during the daylight hours for the next week or so. Before moving to Montana I would have described this as cold. But, now that I have been here a while this is starting to feel like normal to me. I am tempted to continue referring to my new home as a snow infested icebox (which it sort of is) but I am reminded of a recent photo assignment and the conviction that I will never complain about Montana being cold again.
In mid-December I began working on my first major photo project for the Daily Inter Lake. A woman named Katie Davis was in the midst of training and preparing to run Yukon Quest from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Canada. The Quest is roughly 1000 miles, depending on the exact course a musher takes. Katie and 14 dogs are going to be running these thousand miles starting here in about a week and a half. I spent a few weeks following Katie and documenting the commitment required to take on a challenge like this one. To see the full slideshow and hear the interview visit: and scroll down until you see “Katie Davis and Yukon Quest.”

I had a great deal of fun doing this assignment. What Katie has set out to do is nothing less than extraordinary and it has been inspiring for me just to be around her. I’ve been thinking a lot about her this week because the Yukon Quest will begin on February 6th. At that point she will head out into the wilds, just her and her dogs. If you want to follow Katie’s progress visit ¬†Katie’s friends who are going with her are going to be posting updates on her blog as she runs.

The reason I can never complain about the cold again is that Katie and her team are going to be facing not only the miles, but also temperatures as low as negative 60 degrees. It’s been chili here, but after hearing about the Quest I know absolutely I have never experienced real cold.