I have decided to move south. I had planned on enjoying the summer out here in rural Olney, but I have been offered a room I cannot turn down. The rent is cheaper and it is within walking distance of work. As much as I enjoy the scenery around me out here, this choice is beyond obvious. My last day this far north? June 13th. I am moving into my new place starting on June the first so that gives me a little time to sort and organize and plan. I don’t enjoy moving, so with any luck the place I am moving to now will be more of a permanent move.

I am relocating to the great metropolis of Kalispell, Montana — population: 21,182. Twenty-one thousand people really isn’t my idea of a city but when you compare that to where I live now… population of Whitefish: 5,844. That’s quite jump. Especially when taken into account that although my address is Whitefish, I live closer to Olney — population: 159.

The big benefit of this move is going to be proximity. I will be closer to work and closer to many of my friends. Work is pleased. Now I will be available for breaking news events. Before this calling me to breaking news was about useless as I was a minimum of 40 minutes away (and that is  when I’m speeding). But there are things that I shall miss. There are deer that congregate around my home on a daily basis and I am going to miss watching them cross through the yard. There is the sound of my wolf pack, and the rare and precious glimpses I catch of them. And last night as I lay down to sleep and stared up at my windows filled with the brightest stars I knew I would miss those most of all.

So, I have begun taking more time to photograph some of my favorite things out here. On Monday I was thrilled to see my deer again at sunset. They came through browsing for their evening meal and I caught them out in that perfect sunset light. Now all I need is a really great shot of my wolves and I will be able to leave without any regrets.

Another thing I shall miss, my evening walks here. It is finally warm enough that I can come in from work, have dinner and go out for a walk without freezing. My road is three miles long, but I have a telephone pole at 2 miles from my house – that’s my turn around point. Tonight I went out for my sunset walk and on the whole trek I saw only one car. I am really going to miss the isolation of this place.