2015 was by far and away one of the busiest years of my life. I photographed 9 weddings. Plus high school seniors. Engagements. Portraits. One friend of mine described my life as having two full time jobs. He was right. For 2016 I’m going to be looking for more balance, but as I look back, I am only grateful for the amazing people who let me be part of telling their story.
My “rules” for this post are fairly simple. One photo from the major wedding or lifestyle assignments this year. There are going to be a few times where I will cheat. I couldn’t help myself…


A surprise engagement in Glacier National Park. I have seldom had as much fun planning a photo shoot as I did this one. He was SO excited and so thoughtful and yet so open to ideas and suggestions. We had fun...

How joyful to photograph a wedding and then have someone come back to Montana for family photos.

Echo, the bride who loves chartreuse, the bride I have photographed the most frequently, was in my life for two photo shoots this year: pregnancy photos and then the birth of her first child.

This was the photo shoot that made me cry. I have never before been asked to document the start of a life. Years ago Echo hired me to photograph her wedding. We became good friends. This year her first child was born. And as I watched and tried to photograph her work so hard to bring her daughter into the world, I had to put the camera down at one point because I was crying... This was miraculous. I shall never forget it.

Seattle with swing dancers Ben and Ariel.

I'm cheating a bit...the goal of this was to choose only one best photo from a collection, but I loved this shot of Ben. So GQ...

Another surprise engagement. Glacier is popular for that.

Mother-to-be portraits with Miss Taylor




Engagement photos for a wonderful couple. I will be photographing their wedding in August.




This is my second round of photographing this family. Every year Brandy wants a photo with the whole family and her dog...and every time, the dog fails to cooperate. It's become a tradition.

Pris Family Photos - fall 2015





Josh and Lindsey Clark - Wedding Photos

This is my only other cheat, I loved this photo of Lindsey, she is so elegant.

One of my favorite photos of the year was this one. I asked Katie (whose wedding I shot in June) and Mandy, (whose wedding I shot last year) if they would be willing to get a few more brides to get super glammed up and pretend to be "Bridezillas." These ladies were awesome and this photo shoot was a scream. Thanks to Kathleen Fancis of Fancy Face Design for the face painting. It was exactly what I wanted.

Christmas Photos 2015

Surprise engagement at the New Year's Eve dance at North End Swing. And this is my final cheat. I needed one more photo because her happy expression I just had to post.