Sometimes, I can be a real Grinch in terms of snow.

I don’t like driving in it. I don’t like shoveling it. I don’t like scraping it off my car. I don’t like how I have to start my Jeep at least 20 minutes before time to leave (I really need to buy myself an automatic car starter). I don’t like the extra travel time. I really don’t like the people who don’t slow down and drive safely. I can’t get all wrapped up in the negatives, but a morning like today, sweeps all those away.

This morning the Flathead Valley had a large cloud bank in the east, but bluebird skies directly overhead. And as I assessed the possibilities I knew that when the sun came up it would break over that cloud bank, but under the clouds over Big Mountain and would kiss the mountain peaks and it would be perfect.

So I headed to Whitefish Lake State Park to watch the sunrise. The lake is mostly frozen over, but the view of Big Mountain is sublime. And this morning, no snow shoes, no yaktrax, I found myself happily shuffling through thigh deep drifts chasing the light and perfect angle.

And as I watched the light slowly made it’s way down the mountain and lit up the western shoreline and that was the moment I got the shot of the day. 🙂

Here are a few photos of Whitefish, Montana in winter. I know all the skiers were rejoicing with me: fresh powder, beautiful light…just like that, the snow doesn’t seem so bad.