A week ago I was in Glacier National Park with Catherine and AJ at sunset. We drove up to the Park to do a round of after the wedding portraits of just the two of them surrounded by the scenic wonder that dominates this part of the world. Their wedding was the Saturday before, and we got a ton of great photos from that, but for these two adventurers Glacier was part of their wish list for their destination wedding.

As we drove we chatted, and I found myself getting one of the best compliments ever. Catherine was telling me that in their wedding planning, they had raised the bar for themselves once they had hired me. This was a destination wedding, they weren’t sure of a lot, even down to the details of who would be able to attend. But once they had made the decision to hire a professional photographer, then they wanted to make the day even more beautiful. For example, they both worked odd jobs to make extra cash so they could add $400 to their budget for flowers. That wasn’t part of the original plan. Of course photography means everything to me, it’s my life. But the idea that these two would work so hard because they valued me and the photos I would create, that just made me want to work even harder.

This couple dreamed of the perfect wedding in Northwest Montana — a place that is so dear to their hearts. For their wedding we were blessed with perfect weather and a calm, soothing breeze. And then sunset in Glacier…life doesn’t get much better. It was truly a privilege to photograph Catherine and AJ. Their someday dream is to return, I certainly hope if that happens, that our paths will cross again.