Last weekend I got to photograph another love story. I never get tired of these. Maybe part of that is because my life at the newspaper is often hard stories to tell. I have to bear witness to the good and bad that happens in my community. And as a result, I absolutely love a beautiful wedding day and getting to document the connection and romance and family bonds that are all so readily on display.

In so many times and places, people really keep their emotions under wraps. Weddings give people the chance to really show their vulnerable hearts. And as a photographer, it is exquisite. That’s what this wedding was. It was families and close connections and also service – so many of the people in this wedding were service members (mostly Army). One of the “business” decisions I made that I will never regret is to offer a 30% discount to service members. I do this in honor my father, Sgt. Michael Ahearn, USMC. In this case both Seth and Gianna have served, as have many of their family and friends. It was truly an honor to be part of this day of love and faith and commitment.