Much like the growing season in Montana, the “wedding season” can be a bit short here. While there are exceptions, the favorite weekend always seems to be the first Saturday in August. I have a few weddings scheduled for November and December, but based on my experience the weekends that most people want are mid-July through September, and late September can be questionable.

Delbie and Lance scheduled their wedding for September 30th. And I woke up that morning to rain. Now, I have had weddings with incliment weather in the past, so they don’t worry me too much, but they do make me concerned for the brides. So much time and energy and thought goes into planning a wedding. And in most cases, that falls on the shoulders of the bride. While the only attitude to take is to make the best of whatever you are presented, it is impossible not to feel a bit of heartbreak for a bride who does not end up with the day she dreamed of. That was my concern Saturday morning. But by the afternoon I was looking up at the sky and thinking, they’ve won the wedding day jackpot!

Northwest Montana is such a scenic wonder, it’s no wonder most of the weddings here are outdoor events. Who would want to stay cooped up inside when there are mountains to surround you? And a day with some clouds is the absolute ideal. They make it a challenge for the photographer, always switching camera settings for shade and bright sunlight, but they give drama to the sky and so many different options for photographs.

Delbie and Lance got married at the family farm just above the Flathead River in Creston. It was a perfect day, with an incredible sky and a love story that chased away the rain.

Delbie and Lance’s wedding was my last of the regular wedding season. I can’t help but look back at this year, so deeply thankful for this couple, and for all of those who asked me to be part of their day. These love stories are a wonderful gift to me, for which I am most grateful.