There are few things that will light up the soul of an artist like being sincerely appreciated. This weekend I got to go into Glacier National Park with my long-time friend Jeremy and his soon to be wife, Miss Britney. The best part of this photo shoot was the fun we had. They were constantly smiling and joking and eventually throwing snowballs. As I look through these photos I am so happy for my friends. So happy to be asked to document this. But mostly, my heart warms up because when I asked them how much time they had for this, they had all day.

This was the one weekend they could come home. I was a bit concerned because this shoot was right after I got home from Israel…jet lag is a challenge. But when they told me they had set aside the day for me, for these photos, that was the best compliment I could be given and it meant the world to me.

To wrap up our evening we went to one of our local favorites, the Stillwater Fish House for dinner. And for just a few minutes we got a snow shower of the big, perfect flakes that always make me joyful. And of course, that meant more photos. 🙂

This summer I am going to get to do another photo shoot with these two…wedding dress and Glacier…maybe even Banff. I can hardly wait. But for now, I send my sincere congratulations and gratitude to such friends. May their lives together be blessed.