Years ago I became friends with Brittney Brewer. I can’t even remember exactly where we met, I think it was through swing dancing. Since then, she has moved away to Bozeman, gone to college, and through it all, we have remained friends.

In the interim, I have photographed the wedding of her sister Linsey to Bryan. And then I photographed her sister Destiny’s wedding to Daniel (this is where I met Austin for the first time). This family has become precious to me. So, when Brittney tells me she is getting married to Austin in Bozeman and would I be willing to come out and photograph the third Brewer sister wedding, of course, my answer was YES!

We had a perfect day. Which considering the rain on Friday night, and the storms we woke up to on Saturday morning is really saying something. When we arrived at the farm the debate was still going strong over having the wedding inside the barn or out in the field…The field won. And what a blessing that was, because the storms suddenly cleared and the sky was wide, and bright, and blue.

Surrounded by friends and loved ones Brittney and Austin tied the knot (literally with a God’s Knot — a cord of three strands) on an unforgettable day. May God bless them with a life of love and happiness.