Brittany made a beautiful bride and her aunt and cousin doing her hair and makeup added a wonderful family connection to the wedding day.

More than a year ago a friend of one of my beloved friends contacted me about photographing her wedding. In the year and a half that has passed since that initial conversation Brittany has become one of my friends. One that I am grateful for.
Yesterday, I got to watch and witness and capture Brittany and Matt saying their “I do’s.” Furthermore, I got watch Montana give them a showstopper of a day!
It threatened to rain on us (and did, but just a little). They even had lightning bolts in the distance behind them. But even the chaos and rush created by the weather were an added joy because this stormy sky is one of my favorites that I have ever gotten to photograph. And to make things even more perfect, Brittany went with a long veil that desperately wanted to fly.
Such magic…
Wishing both of these souls a lifelong love and so much joy. In particular must thank Lee, Derek, Larry, and the bride and groom for being such an encouragement. The memory of their kindness will remain with me for years.
Please enjoy the photos.

Brittany got her hair and makeup done by her aunt and cousin as she got ready for her wedding day yesterday at the Diamond B, near Kalispell, Montana.
Everyone gathers around Brittany as she puts on her wedding dress at the Diamond B near Kalispell, Montana.
Brittany and Madison having a emotional moment as the bride and maid of honor get ready to step out of the dressing room to head down to the ceremony site.
The flower girl gets her basket of flowers from Brittany. The bride is clearly visible in the mirror reflection.
Window light and a portrait with a bride at the Diamond B. It seemed logical to combine this photo with the hanging dress.
Macro lenses are a favorite for the ring details.
Lee, father of the bride, cried tears of joy seeing his beautiful daughter Brittany in her stunning dress on her wedding day. The bride and groom decided not to do the first look preferring to see each other for the first time in the ceremony. But she created this moment for her father, and for a gift she had made for him.
There is a long walk down to the ceremony site at the Diamond B. Brittany had her father create these screens that she could wait behind before the official aisle.
Brittany and Matt created a moment I've never seen before in photographing a wedding. Before proceeding with their ceremony, they asked all of the parents to stand and join them to give them their love and thanks and gratitude. Before they began the start of their life together, they wanted to give their love and thanks.
Father of the bride, Lee, escorts his daughter Brittany down to where she prepares to marry her love, Matthew, at the Diamond B wedding venue.
Mother and father of the groom, and mother and father of the bride and wedding ceremony photos from Brittany and Matt's wedding at the Diamond B, near Kalispell, Montana.
Brittany and Matthew, for their engagement session, when I didn't know them, and they didn't know me, we played this noses only touch game for the photos and they brought it back for their wedding day.
The wedding party. You can see the storm behind them. It kept threatening to rain on us, but the rains held off and the light gave us some perfect light for photos.
I love the light and drama of a stormy sky. Brittany and Matt share one of their first kisses as husband and wife following their wedding ceremony yesterday in the Flathead Valley.
That wind. The bride and groom had enough love and grace and beauty to make a million gorgeous photos, but that cathedral length veil added just made my day!
I let the bride and groom head up toward their reception, and Matt made my day by leading them into a skip.
Wedding day portraits along the Flathead River. Montana weddings are simply perfection.
It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to photograph a bride wearing a long veil. They've become less popular. But the grace and elegance of it as it was caught up in the storm winds was something I fell completely in love with while photographing Brittany and Matt's wedding day.
Rain clouds on the east meet sunlight coming from the west and a gorgeous moment for Matthew and Brittany on the wedding day at the Diamond B near Kalispell, Montana.
It almost rained on us. Almost... I was so nervous taking these photos because we kept getting a few random raindrops that warned us that at any moment the skies might open up and completely soak us both.
It was so hard to pick a favorite photo from this day. This one was a very close second for my favorite of the day. The stormy skies added such beauty and drama to their wedding day.
Per request of the groom, a portrait near the gorgeous weeping willow at the Diamond B wedding venue in Flathead County, Montana.
The bride gets carried by the groomsmen.
Maid of Honor Maddison started things off and the other brides maids chimed in with their Charle's Angel's poses.
A collection of moments and memories and friends and family at the wedding reception of Brittany and Matt at the Diamond B near Kalispell, Montana.
Madison and Levi, the maid of honor and best man give their toasts at Brittany and Matt's wedding.
The official first dance for Brittany and Matt on Saturday, July 20, near Kalispell, Montana.
Matt looks on as his new bride Brittany dances with her father Lee. The third photo is Matt and his mom in their dance.
Cake for the bride and groom at the Diamond B near Kalispell, Montana.
I love a wedding day silhouette at sunset near Kalispell, Montana.
True loves kiss for Brittany and Matthew on their wedding day at the Diamond B in Flathead County, Montana.
Brittany and Matthew stepped away from their wedding reception for a few minutes on Saturday night to capture a few final portraits in the golden light.
Sunset light and true love. Brittany and Matt cuddle close in the last light of the wedding day at the Diamond B near Kalispell, Montana.
Brittany and Matt strolling through the fields in the last light of July 20 at the Diamond B wedding venue near Kalispell.
Brittany and Matthew kiss as they show off their freshly signed marriage certificate. This was a "cutsie" photo the bride wanted to do. I am more of a documentary photographer, but with a couple this sweet, I had to say yes to the idea.

Thanks to all the vendors and helpers including:
Hair : Tiffany Sterling
Makeup Taylor Sterling
Flowers : Glacier Wallflower & Gifts​
Officiant: Jim Treweek
Venue: Diamond B Weddings- Montana​
Dj : Noise Box Productions
Cake : Red Poppy Gluten Free Bakery​ and Costco
Catering : Dickey’s Barbecue Pit​
SETUP: All family and friends