This year the dancers at Noble Dance were joined by former Noble Dance student Abby Cockrell, currently a member of the Northern Ballet in Leeds, England, and by her fellow dancer Gavin McCaig, also with the Northern Ballet. Cockrell and McCaig danced the parts of the Snow King and Queen in this year’s performance of “The Nutcracker.”
The show was directed by Natalie Molter with lighting designed by Rachel Burke.
These photographs are from the tech rehearsal before the show was officially ready for the public. Rachel told me last night that the day I was there taking pictures, she was actively writing the lighting cues.
Like most photographers I am in love with photographing ballet dancers. I always end up thinking of the paintings of Edgar Degas. Documenting the dancers feels like getting to glimpse into a realm of such extreme elegance and grace that the experience becomes otherworldly.
It was a special treat for me then to come back and watch the show as an audience member…something I seldom get the chance to do.
I’ll have more photos from the performance soon, but for now, I wanted to share these as a “sneak peak.”
Thank you to Natalie and Rachel, to Micah, to Abby and Gavin, and to all of the dancers who made this show possible.
P.S. Yes, there are a lot of photos of shoes. I’m slightly obsessed with pointe shoes.

Abby Cockrell, formerly of Whitefish, and Gavin McCaig. Both are members of the Northern Ballet of Leeds, England.

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