As a professional photographer with twenty years of experience, it’s my goal to take good care of you and help you to enjoy your photography session. I’m all about that special combination of quality, intimacy and pure joy. The questions below have been compiled over the years from a variety of clients, and I hope they help you to feel at ease with this process.  A clear understanding of what you can expect helps us to achieve success together and the more questions I can answer for you in advance, the more comfortable you’ll be when we start making your photos.


On average, I book anywhere from 3 months to two years out. One bride called me an hour before the wedding and I was able to be her photographer.

Kind Words

“Beautiful and awesome are an understatement. Classic and amazing. What a talent.”

— Shirley Uran

Frequently Asked Questions


By planes, trains, and automobiles! I travel for quite a few of my photo shoots and I love getting to photograph in new locations throughout Montana, the west coast, and the world!  Please contact me so that we can discuss your location and travel expenses.

Rather than aiming for a certain number, I focus on creating quality images that thoroughly tell the story we set out together to tell. On average, the photo shoot will yield 20-25 images. In an environment designed to be fast-paced and constantly changing, that number can increase significantly. When shooting weddings, I generally deliver somewhere between 200 and 500 polished images. Surprised by the variance? Every shoot is different. Let’s talk so I can determine what you want and give you a better number.

Once paid for, images are delivered via PASS website. The site will remain active 10 years beyond your wedding date. If prints are ordered, I will also make a thumb drive of images for you to keep.

I’m so happy you asked… I feel strongly that your investment in me is a sign that you want and expect, something unique, and meaningful. We’ll start by doing a little brainstorming together. You should know that creating something outstanding is of utmost importance to me, as well. Making that happen requires both of us to put in a personal investment. The best images are a result of a good collaboration. It really is a team effort. You bring the love and emotion and your own unique style, and I’ll bring the cameras and the vision.  When it comes to photo shoots in Glacier National Park, or anywhere outside for that matter, weather and lighting have a significant impact on our results. We’ll need to take this into account when scheduling.

I actually prefer not to work with a shot list for documentary work. During weddings, I do ask for a shot list with the group photos so we make sure no one is forgotten, and we get them done efficiently. Beyond that, you are hiring a photojournalist with decades of experience in anticipating action, determining the best angles, and creating story-telling images. My work is about capturing the dynamic moments the second they happen. That’s easily missed when you’re focused on a list.

Anything but matching white shirts and blue jeans. Seriously though, wear what you feel good in, and what you feel you look good in. If you need further help, let’s talk, I’m happy to make suggestions and share inspiration. 

What sort of feeling do you want to get with your photos?  It really depends what feels most like “you” … a walk around your neighborhood with your dog, a few moments in your house by a window, sitting by a campfire in Glacier Park … it’s pretty much up to you, and the options are pretty much endless.

Always before I need to. Ideally, I like to be there for the getting ready moments so we can get comfortable together before the photography begins.

If you want to, then yes! People needing professional photography for their website or social media feeds like Instagram and LinkedIn often have a minimum of two wardrobe changes. Some people want to take a month’s worth of content photos in 2 or 3 days. As long as we have a place for you to change your clothes, you can change as many times as you like. Contact me so that we’re prepared in advance with our change list.

No. Trying to work alongside other photographers is tricky. Even if they are not pros and are just taking “happy snaps” I often find them in the way. They can be (without intending it) a major distraction for both you and me. Another photographer becomes one more obstacle that I have to work around. Even when they don’t physically get in the way, they mentally get in the way. My goal is to do my absolute best work I can for you. I want all of my energy, attention, and creativity focused on you. That is significantly easier when I am the only one taking photos. If you are an introvert like me, this will make perfect sense.


My rate is $350 per hour (plus travel expenses if we go outside the Flathead Valley). What is included in this: initial consultations via phone/email. In person consultation when needed. On location shooting time. Editing, toning, archiving work. 


No. When I am hired for a photo shoot I do not require clients to purchased prints or products from me. We are living in a time when people are incredibly empowered to make their own choices about what they want to print and how. Why should you have to pay $195 for an 8x10 print that if you ordered it from you would pay $2.40? I do not deliver all the photos I take, no photographer worth their salt does because it is unprofessional. However, you will have the fully edited high-resolution images to print, use on web-pages and/or social media AS YOU SEE FIT. And you will not have to pay $1500 per digital file to get them. (These are real prices by the way. I pulled them off a website this morning.)

If you have questions about where or how to print, let me know. I’m happy to help. If you want an album, you can design one of your own, or hire me to do the design work. You get to decide what serves you best.


Wedding Photography

No two weddings are ever the same. As such, predicting every clients need is impossible. Below I have set out a few of the basic wedding “packages” that a client can choose from, but ultimately, I would rather someone call me, tell me about their day, their guests, their plans and their specific needs and we can figure something out.

As a rule of thumb, I charge $350 per hour for wedding photography. This price includes all the editing which I do myself. One hour of photography usually means 3-4 hours of computer editing time – those hours are included in this rate. The smallest wedding I have ever photographed was just 5 people – the couple, the officiant, the witness, and me at the base of a frozen waterfall. Obviously, the needs on that day are radically different from the needs of massive church wedding. Please feel free to get in touch with the details of your particular wedding day and we can discuss what will work best for you.

Here are a few important basics: All clients receive digital files and have the right to make prints with their preferred vendors (I recommend without paying additional marked up prices from the photographer. For more information see the philosophy section of this page. All clients will have access to their digital files within a maximum of two weeks from their wedding date and printed products within four weeks.

Elopement – Perfect for an intimate ceremony – $1000
Includes 100 images, up to 3 hours of photography, high resolution photos delivered via website within one week. (This option is entirely digital. This price is not eligible for any discounts or special offers.)

Backcountry Escape – Designed taking care of business – $1750
Includes 200 images, up to 5 hours of photography, high-resolution photos delivered via website within one week. (This option is entirely digital).

Highline – Specifically for those who want a broader representation of the whole day – $2600
Includes 350 images, up to 7 hours of photography, high-resolution images delivered via website within one week. A full set of 4x6 archival prints within 3 weeks. (The cost of 350 prints is just over $100. If you select a digital delivery only save $200 for the price of prints and my time).

“Good Night, My Love” – Created with dancers in mind – $3000
Incudes 500 images, up to 9 hours of photography, high-resolution images delivered via website within two weeks. A full set of 4x6 archival prints within 3 weeks. (The cost of 350 prints is just over $150. If you select a digital delivery only save $250 for the price of prints and my time).
For years I have been enjoying dance lessons with Ben White of Eastside Stomp in Seattle and Peter Flahiff of the Atomic Ballroom. I LOVE photographing dancers! This package is designed with dancers and more time to capture the reception in mind.

Montana Dream – The over the top collection – $4500
Includes 700 images, unlimited hours of photography, high-resolution images delivered via website within two weeks. A full set of 4x6 archival prints within 4 weeks. (Digital delivery only save $300). Includes an engagement session or pre-wedding dress session (in Flathead Valley only) as well as a special Bride and Groom sunset photo session up to 4 hours in Glacier National Park and necessary photography permits.




Pre-wedding Dress session — $500 I recently had a bride who loved the canola fields in bloom. But her wedding wasn’t until months later. We met at sunrise for a dress session and then kept the photos private until the day after the wedding. To see the images go here.There was an unexpected benefit to this in terms of social media. So often the first images from a wedding are the amateur shots from cell phones and point-and-shoots. The professional shots the bride paid for take weeks to edit and tone. By photographing her dress before the wedding the day after her wedding there were gorgeous photos of her in her dress, looking her best to put up immediately on facebook.

Engagement session — $350 An engagement session is invaluable for me as your photographer. It lets you get a feel for how I work and it lets me see how you two are on film and in front of a camera.

Wedding day second shooter — $1000 Ever thought of having two pro-level shooters to document your day? Not a photographers friend or spouse. Not a new photographer just wanting to learn. Two professionals. I have the privilege to work with two amazing photographers: Kat Gebauer of Green Kat Photography and Jessica Marie of Lovelight Photography. The three of us have banded together and are willing to work as second shooters for each other. We want to help each other and help our brides. Sometimes there are things that one photographer just can’t get to, or times when you’d really want two angles on a particular view. Those are the times when a second shooter is invaluable.Why the discount: Any photographer will tell you it is more fun to be a second shooter, the responsibility is off your shoulders so you are more free to concentrate on the fun moments and interesting outtakes that you can’t always get when you are doing everything on your own.If you decide to go with this option, the money needs to be paid directly to the photographer.Also, this option is only available when/if the second shooter is available and not already booked for a different wedding.

Trash the dress — $350 I love the idea of a trash the dress session. A photo shoot designed to do all the things you simply cannot do on your wedding day. Jumping in lakes. Crossing rivers. Mud fights. Water skiing. There are so many options for this. And I am up for any of them.

Bride and Groom after the wedding — $700 Northwest Montana is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Photographing here is a joy. But on a wedding day, sometimes it is too much to try to photograph intimate portraits in the amazing scenery when the light is the very best because there are so many people to visit with and share and celebrate with. With an after the wedding session we can go to your favorite scenic location, when the light is ideal, and there are no crowds anxiously waiting for you.

Surprise Engagement — $450 Want to pop the question in Glacier National Park? Take a look at these.The bride-to-be didn’t notice I was photographing her until several moments into it. If you book a Surprise Engagement with me and then come back for a full wedding I will give you a discount of $350 in the final bill.


Thank you for looking at my photos. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting to know you.

– Brenda